Sarasota Performing Arts Center

A preeminent, multi-venue performing arts center that inspires, entertains, and educates with year-round, world-class performances, affordable ticket pricing, and robust education programs.

“We are here today standing on the shoulders of Sarasota’s leaders from past generations. It was their vision and will that fueled the current hall’s growth and led it to become a cultural beacon, inspiring young and old alike to think differently, attract businesses and others to our community, and provide entertainment for all tastes. We are united with that vision and seek to do the same for future generations as we look forward and partner with The Bay to make our dreams a reality.”
- Mike Martella, Chairman of Van Wezel Foundation

A Cultural Centerpiece

All photography courtesy Sarasota Bayfront Planning Organization

The Sarasota Performing Arts Center will provide a plethora of new opportunities to better serve our community, including:

  • A larger, 2,250-seat venue to become more competitive and attract larger touring productions
  • A robust education center, expanding programs with a focus on Sarasota youth and life-long learners
  • State-of-the-art systems to connect us to the 21st Century
  • Improved acoustics and performance technology, allowing for more sophisticated productions
  • New event spaces to better support venue activity and provided greater rental opportunities Contemporary standards, enhancing the patron experience
  • A multi-venue facility taking better advantage of The Bay views, outdoor space, and other amenities
  • A facility that would stand as an iconic structure on The Bay for generations to come.

Michael Saunders, Michael Saunders & Company

Jim Shirley, Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

Brigid Kolworth, Early Childhood Learning Specialist

Cedric Hameed, Arts Coordinator, Visible Men Academy

Darrell Ayers, former VP for Education, John F. Kennedy Center for the Arts

Faith Nawara, Early Learning Professional

Nancy Roucher, Chair, Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

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